Our Services

Strategic Planning

Impactful Campaigns Are Research-Based

Strategic campaign plans utilize the RPIE process (Research, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation) to create impactful, research-based campaigns that deliver the appropriate messages to our target audiences using the most effective communications channels. To run an effective campaign, you have to know who your audiences are, where their eyes are, and what messages they will respond to.


"It's So Difficult to find GOOD Writers"

It sure is! And we have them! Good writing is strategic as well as tactical. Knowing who your audiences are and what is important to them drives good, impactful writing. Integrity PR provides writing services for a broad scope of public relations and marketing collateral including: press releases, media alerts, corporate backgrounders, contributed articles, case studies, website content, blog articles, white papers, etc.

Media / Analyst / Influencer Relations

PR is All About Relationships

Relationships with those individuals who influence a company's target audiences are critical to maintaining strong communications channels between the organization and the public. Integrity PR places the highest priority on its relationships with the media, industry analysts, and social media influencers. In addition to regular communications with these important individuals, we utilize tactics such as press/analyst tours and briefings, and press events to build and strengthen the relationship between the client and the media.

Product Promotion

Third-Party Validation Drives Product Demand

Earning positive coverage from third-party reviewers or influencers through product reviews, buyer's guides, and award programs can be the most valuable content for driving awareness, engagement and sales. For nearly 25 years, Integrity PR has implemented impactful campaigns driven by third-party coverage or reviews of products and services that increase brand awareness, drive demand, and increase market share.

Special Events

Taking the Show on the Road

Special events, such as tradeshows, press events, private media events, and reseller events give us the opportunity to raise awareness of our clients and their products and services at gatherings of industry media, analysts, and influencers. Sometimes we take advantage of existing tradeshows like CES, but on occasion, when we've got a message to convey in-person and there are no industry events scheduled, we'll create our own!

Marketing Content

Content Is King

You can have the best product or service the world has ever seen, but your content must be able to communicate the benefits to your audience in a way that helps them understand how the differentiators and features benefit them. Creating content begins with knowing what messages audiences respond to and what channels they utilize to receive those messages. Integrity PR uses tactics such as video case studies, contributed articles, emails, influencer marketing, and blogging to get key messages in front of target audiences.